A Poem about Durkheim?!?

I stumbled across this poem on an undergraduate sociology student’s personal blog and thought it was too great not to share. He did not lift his actual name on the blog, but I will link to the original post.

Seussiology, or How Durkheim Did Not Like Them Here Nor There
Once upon a time,
in Europe’s 17th Century,
There was a great shake-up
A real something to see.

Society was changing,
a great revolution.
The French streets were filled
with “bloody” pollution.

Then the workers moved,
to factories from farms.
And a young man named Durkheim,
Saw there were many harms.

“People are dying,
all around, far and wide.”
“But it’s not murder I tell you,
It be suicide”

So he wracked his brain,
for many hours a day.
What’s causing this plight?
Why such dismay?

Then suddenly, he realized,
and his face turned quite strange.
“Maybe it has something to do,
with society’s great change”

He got some statistics,
studied them day and night,
and soon after began to notice,
something WAS NOT right.

“The social beliefs!
They aren’t understood
People are confused now
This is surely not good.”

“They have no attachments
No source of group pride.
This MUST BE the reason.
They all commit suicide.”

And so he grabbed all his findings,
and without delay,
He RAN down the street
“People must know this today!”

His findings were accepted,
And were quite impressive.
So we all thank you Durkheim,
For making society less depressive.


Find the original author here.

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