Comedy or Social Theory?

In this monologue,   “The American Dream”, comedian and social commentator echoes Marxist conflict theory in his critique of business, class conflict and our lack of class consciousness.

*Warning: You may find this content offensive due to Carlin’s use of profanity and his in your face honesty. If you can’t handle either of these I recommend not watching.

2 Responses to “Comedy or Social Theory?”

  1. Dr. M says:

    Nice punch line!!! I won’t spoil it, but I do encourage everyone to watch the WHOLE 3 1/3 minutes.
    My age ends up confusing me in my sense of pop culture–does everyone know George Carlin? Your page title is great–some comedians are more careful about the webs of theory they weave than others. Carlin was self-aware in that–some of today’s comedians are funny, but not that socially aware. Carlin broke ground, for sure, at a time when we were beginning to think and act more critically about power.

  2. shanna3 says:

    Wow, George Carlin’s act really parallels with Marx’s conflict theories of class conflict and class conciousness! Great example, thanks for sharing!