The Simpsons and Durkheim

Earlier this semester when we were discussing Emile Durkheim, Dr. Kristin Marsh mentioned a particular episode of “The Simpsons” that connected well with Durkheim’s views on the inevitability of crime in all societies. In “Home Away from Homer”, Ned Flanders (the goody two shoes neighbor) moves to the town of his dreams where everyone is as polite and upstanding as he, but there is one thing wrong-Ned is ostracized due to his “unsightly” mustache.
Durkheim would argue that rules and consequences are an important part of any society and that “criminals” or “bad guys” are necessary in order to reaffirm the rules that society is based on.
This example really helped me to better understand Durkheim’s theory presented in “The Rules of Sociological Methods (1895) and thought it may help someone else too.

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